Fostering is one of the most important ways that a volunteer can help CAPA.  Because we can only rescue an animal if we have a place for it, fostering is truly the lifeline for the animals in our care.

CAPA will arrange for and be responsible for vetting and medical care for the animal in your care and we can usually provide food and a crate.

You will be responsible for day to day care and keeping the animal safe and providing socialization while it waits for a rescue or adopter.

We are more than happy for you to help your foster animal find a forever home, but we do ask fosters to direct potential adopters to CAPA for an application.

The best way a foster parent can help their foster animal find a home is to provide us with cute pictures and/or videos and regular updates about your animal’s personality.

If you are interested in foster a dog or cat please complete our Foster Application below.

Foster Application