If you have a barn, shed or other enclosed building you should consider getting a few working cats.  Working cats are feral or semi feral cats that are not socialized to be pets.  Although they do not want to be petted or held many will be happy to have a safe dry home and plenty of food and water.  In return the cat will keep rodents and snake populations under control.  

There is no adoption fee for your feral cats that will be spayed or neutered and rabies vaccinated prior to going home with you.  All you need to do is agree to confine the cats inside the barn or other enclosure for two weeks and must also agree to provide food and water at all times during the confinement period.  If needed, CAPA can set up a kennel to house the cats during their period of confinement.  Once released from confinement the adopter agrees to provide food and water daily and dry, safe shelter.  

Complete the Barn Cat Adoption Agreement

Still have questions about our Barn Cat Adoption Agreement?  See our frequently asked questions below. 

Why do the cats have to be confined for two weeks?  

The cats must get acclimated to their new home, otherwise they will leave and attempt to return to their previous home.   It usually takes 2-4 weeks for a feral cat to get acclimated.

How do I safely and humanely confine the cat for two weeks?

If you do not have a way to safely and humanely confine the cats for two weeks, CAPA can provide you with a set up as seen in this picture below.  We place a small crate inside a larger crate that is big enough to allow the small crate door to be opened and shut and also to contain a litter box and water and food bowls.

Why do I need to feed them if I want them to kill mice? 

Cats will hunt mice regardless of how much they are being fed.  Feeding them quality food daily will help keep them healthy and strong and it will also help keep your cat there.  Expecting your feral cats to live only on what they catch would be animal neglect and if the cats aren’t getting fed they will leave to find a more reliable source of food.

What kind of shelter do barn cats need? 

Your barn cat needs shelter that is first and foremost dry and will protect them from predators such as coyotes and feral hogs.   You can add some hay for them to snuggle in on cold nights and they should be happy.